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Geometry Dash Games

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a platformer game genre with rhythm-based action that is specifically designed by RobTop Games for mobile devices, firstly released in 2013.

Honestly, Geometry Dash is a pretty great game which not only meets and suits the entertainment needs of all ages, but its compatibility is also quite stable for most operating systems on the present market.


Geometry Dash also has quite simple gameplay, but it is not a reason to reduce the attractiveness for the players. Currently, Geometry Dash has many versions with different levels. To complete the mission and unlock the next levels, the players need to control the speed of the icon blocks that are moving, jumping and flying under your way but they must achieve the certain number of stars to win.

Some advantages of Geometry Dash

Friendly interface

Attractive and appealing colors and characters

Adapt to multiple operating systems

Each level of the game has its own sound track.

Allowed to customize and design your characters in your own way

Allow the players to practice before actually playing.

Geometry Dash Lite – version for mobile phone

Geometry Dash Lite is a scaled-down version for mobile phones running Android and iOS. Although it only covers a half of the levels compared to the full version, Geometry Dash Lite retains the attractiveness to the players. Also, Geometry Dash Lite interface is easier to use than that of the full version, the rewards are also changed.


To download Geometry Dash to your phone, in addition to access to the app store available on mobile devices such as Google Play for models running Android, Appstore for devices running OS iOS, the players can also download the APK file. However, it should make sure that these files are scanned virus and downloaded from a trusted source. Once you’ve downloaded the file to your device, you need to unpack and install. And finally, open the app and start experiencing this colorful and fun world.


Geometry Dash is a great and new game for mobile phones and has highly entertaining nature. Playing Geometry Dash is coming to the fun world and it is so fascinating, requires your super-speed playing level.

Geometry Dash is one of the attractive games for the players and downloaded at most at the present time. Prove that your playing level demonstrates your class right now by downloading Geometry Dash and joining the exciting adventure with lovely, cute and colorful boxes with very great and quality music only in Geometry Dash.